Thursday, February 6, 2014

What is your “why” for being active in fitness?

So I was filling out an application for an ambassador program and I kind of went overboard with my response. So I shortened my response and saved the long post for you guys. This is the origin story of my love for fitness!
One day last year I looked into the mirror and decided that where I was physically was not a good place to be, I was a 20 year old and I weighed 260 pounds. It shocked me how unhealthy I was and all I had to do was make a choice to change that. I decided to start to eliminate junk food and processed food and start to replace it with more fruits, vegetables, and clean food. I also found a passion in running and that has since lead me to lifting. I have kept to my plan and have since lost 50 pounds!
Lisa and I started this page to create an open, safe environment for everyone to be honest and have a support. I just wanted to share a little bit about my fitness journey. If you are out there running, lifting, being active that is AMAZING! If you are running, even if it is a mixture of walking and running like me, you are a runner! If you have reached the point where you run without walking, like Lisa, YOU are a runner! Whether you are lifting 5 pounds or 50 you are getting out there and that is what matters. I want to make this place a safe place for everyone, beginners and veterans in the fitness world. I will post about my fitness life but I want to make sure that everyone is welcome to our page.

Please post about your fitness accomplishments, achievements, journey, and pictures! We really want to get to know more of our followers. And please like this post so more of our followers can see this post! We <3 everyone!

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