About Lindsay:

I am a 20 year old electrical engineer in collage still. Lisa and I started running September of this year. I use to run and walk at least a hour a day a couple years ago, but school just got in the way. This year at Dragon Con we went to a panel called Geek Girls Run. A group of nerdy/geeky people just like us cosplaying and running in races. For those people who don't know anything about cosplaying, it is basically dressing up in a costume of character/famous person. For example running with a wonder woman costume on.  That was the beginning of the running craze that we have now entered.

Running has become a great outlet for stress in my life. I am hoping to eventually complete an ultra-marathon, but that is still in the far future. I want to get stronger and healthier and be able to run injury free before I get to that.

One thing that everyone will eventually learn about me is that I never do anything half hearted. When I start something I will not give up until I accomplish my goals. I have a few other hobbies that might come up in the blog if there is any interest. I sew, knit, crochet, and read. . . a lot. So expect some posts about my adventures into creating running cosplays and running books. Well thats about it for me, thanks for reading what Lisa has already dubbed an essay.

About Lisa:

I am a 22 year old nursing major in college. As Lindsay said we started running in September of this year. (FYI Lindsay said whatever I was going to say so I won't repeat it and bore you. :D ) I always wanted to be a runner and participate in races. However, since I have no motivation, I never pulled through. But now Lindsay makes me.My parents don't see why I work out or go out running. Since to them I don't need it...

I started running because I want to become stronger. I'm a little weakling that would trip on thin air and my own feet. My goal is to at least do a marathon and go up to an ultra-marathon. Right now we are only doing 5k and then we will go up from there.

I also enjoy sewing, scapebooking, origami and read...I am also into beauty stuff like makeup!! I love it. You will probably see me post a little bit of everything along my journey. Hope you enjoy. :)

Just on a side note. Lindsay and I been best friends for years. I would say we known each other for 8-9 years but Lindsay would say something different. She change her answer whenever it pops up.

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