Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hot Choloate 15k/5k Race Recap!

The day of our RACE!!!! I've been waiting to do this since I found out about it months ago and it's finally here! YAY! The wait is coming to an end!

Before I start, did you know what's great having best friend doing a race together? We switch of driving to the race/expo and it's my turn to drive. Lindsay and I live only 5 minutes for each other and we start the they off by leaving the neighborhood by 4:20 A.M. Then I went to pick up one of my friends, Josh, who I asked to join us.
Lindsay, Lisa, and Josh
Let me tell you when we got out of the car to walk where the tents are, it was so freaking COLD!!!! It's seem like my fingers and toes was about to fall off. I think everyone of else was wearing three layers of tops. Guess what we did when we got to the tents, we found where the heater was located. Haha!!
Keeping ourselves nice and toasty!
There was a schedule Zumba at 6:30 before the line up of the corral. So we left the tent to join in to the Zumba fun!!! It was a lot of fun and it warm up our muscle. After that we lined up in our corral. Lindsay and I were assigned to Corral F but we moved back to Corral I. It took a while for each corral to go and all that warm up we did with Zumba was gone, by just standing around.

When its was our turn to run pass the start line, Lindsay and I split up. She want to walk most of the way and I want to run. So Josh and I left to run together....but that doesn't last very long. We got separated up on a bridge when there were a few people who had fallen down. Josh went to ask if one of the ladies who had fallen was ok and I didn't know at that time and I can't stop for long or I would get pushed. There was a crazy amount  of people. I wish I could have taken more pictures along my race but if I would have my fingers would have fallen off!

Josh finish the race first, he passed me and I didn't know it, and I met up with him so we can wait for Lindsay before we picked up our FINISHERS CUP!!!!

Let me tell you about the Finisher Cup. We got a cup of hot chocolate and a side of hot fudge. We also had a banana, wafer, rice crispy treat, and a bag of pretzels so we could dip it into the chocolate. It was yummy!!! Lindsay and I were so hungry that we finished eating our before we remember we needed to take a picture. Thankfully, our friend Josh did remember to take the picture.

Overall the race was a lot of fun and I can't wait for next year's Hot Chocolate Race. I know what to expect next year. If the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k are going to be in your area, I would recommend doing it.  :)

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