Thursday, November 7, 2013

Morning Workout or Evening Workout?

This is my first solo blog post! *gasp* Lisa has been busy  with school this week so I figured that I would post about what I have been up to all week.

With Day Light Savings Time this past weekend the days are getting dark earlier and earlier. Usually I workout in the evening with Lisa at a local paved trail, but the trail closes at dark every evening. So this brought up the question of when and where am I going to run! I do have access to a treadmill but I prefer to run outside. None the less after missing two workouts on Monday and Tuesday I decided that something had to change.

Now I am not a morning person . . . at all. However, I got my butt up this morning and went down to the basement and did a 45 min interval walk/run on the treadmill and did my usual strength training circuit (written below). I didn’t want to get up but after I was up and working out it felt good! It put me in a good mood and as was on my way out the door for work I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!  I couldn’t believe it! As soon as I got a plan of action for catching up the rest of the week I twist my ankle. Well I guess I will be focusing more on strength training and take it easy on the running part of my usual workout.

So here is my usual strength work out. I know it’s probably not perfect but it will probably change as I continue to grow and change my fitness.

50 Crunches
10 Pushups
20 Squats
10 Dumbbell Curls, 3 reps
10 Shoulder Press, 3 reps
10 Tricep Kickbacks, 3 reps
10 Dumbbell Cross Jabs, 3 reps
10 Reverse Fly, 3 reps
20 Squats
10 Pushups
50 Crunches

So yea this is my ‘usual’ strength training circuit. When I feel that it workout is getting easy I tend to just add weight. I started out using 3 lb weights but now I am at 10 lb dumbbells. I am actually thinking about taking up one of the Train Dirty Fitness’s workouts Iron Bombshell! What do you think? I have heard really great things about this strength training programs. 


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