Thursday, November 21, 2013

Color in Motion 5k Race Recap and Giveaway Winner!

My race day attire
Race Prep

Wow the week has just flown by! So last week Lisa and I started to get all of the last minute prep done for the 5k race on Saturday. So we finally picked out what we were both wearing on Friday night. I decided on wearing an older pair of cheap shorts and the race t-shirt. I also brought a bandanna and my sunglasses. I ended up not using the sunglasses because it was really foggy and overcast but I LOVED the bandanna. I pulled it up to protect my face throughout the race.

Cleaning Supplies
I also brought a lot of things to help clean up after the race that came in really helpful. I brought two towels, one to cover my car seats on the way back home and one to use to wipe off the color powder. I also brought wipes, you can use baby wipes, active wipes, or face wipes (what I used because I had them on hand). Other than that I also brought a clean change of clothes and a grocery bag to put my dirty clothes.  With all of this prepped it was easy to contain the color powder to a small area that was easy to clean up.

Race Day!
So race day rolled around and we left our side of town to drive an hour to where the race location was at 6 that morning. Yup you read that right we left at 6 for a race that started at 9. We REALLY didn't want to be late and I worry a lot. IT worked out well because we stopped off at a CVS once we were close so that we could get a disposable camera to take some race pictures with.

Here we are waiting for the race to start
Once we got to the race location we started getting ready and preparing to get to the starting line. Since we were there so early we actually got to talk to other runners there. There was a great variety of runners out: people like us who were running their first race, high school track runners, people who had run marathons, and many more.

So we started lining up at 8:45 or so. The race administrators had musics going and everyone was just dancing waiting for the race to start. We ended up starting closer to 9:30 as opposed to 9 but it wasn't a big deal. At the starting line the powder started coming out and everyone was pretty covered in colored cornstarch before the race even started.

Pre and Post race pictures of me
Once the race started we just started running. Now here is the ting that I haven't told you yet, the race was on a TRAIL! Nowhere was this mentioned in the information about the race, thus Lisa and I were just training on pavement. That was surprising to say the least. We took it in stride and just kept on going. It was really refreshing to be in the "wilderness" and the view was great.

There were color stations located at every kilometer where the volunteers had buckets, literally buckets of a colored powder to throw at the runners as they pass the area. The volunteers had so much energy and everyone was just laughing and running. As first races go it was pretty amazing.

Pre and Post race pictures of Lisa
At the end of the race there was a "color party" with music and lots of cornstarch powder. As soon as the finish line was in sight and we were approaching it, I of course with my luck ended up falling in a small ditch. Yea I know, I am really klutzy. It is kinda ironic that I made it through a course with hills, sand, small rocks, and uneven ground but I fall in a small ditch/divot in the ground in sight of the finish line.  Thankfully all that happened was a small scrapped knee.

The race was such an amazing experience and I cannot wait until the Hot Chocolate 5k in January!

Giveaway Winner!!
So this is the moment you have all been waiting for! The winner of the Far End Gear Brite Buds is . . . Maryalicia Verdecchia! Maryalicia can you send us an email with your information and we will send you your prize! Thank you everyone for participating in our first giveaway, and we look forward to having our next one soon.


  1. Yeah!!! How exciting and wonderful!! Tyty

    1. Your welcome!! We will send your prize as soon as possible. :)


  2. Congrats on your race! Sucks falling but I'm glad you are ok! We all fall at one time or another. :) I fell...well more like a nose dive...while running a very well populated running route because I was too busy looking at the ducks in the water rather than where I was running. Doh! :)

    So happy you had fun!!!