Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spartan Sprint Race Volunteering Recap!

Note: I did run the race with my awesome boyfriend. The only nickname he has is the Ninja, so that is what I will be calling him. FYI he is called that because he is so light on his feet.


So for people who haven't ever volunteered for race before, sometimes you get to run the race for free if you so wish and you always get the great feeling of cheering on other people as they race.

So the Ninja and I  volunteered for the shorter shift, 6 hours, on Saturday since we were racing the next day. Originally we were going to help out in the registration tent, but they needed us more at the obstacles on the course.

 We ended up at the finish line right after the final mud pit where the wall of fire was. It was an amazing and rewarding experience. The wall of fire is a two foot tall pile of wood that is on fire. The race participates jump over the wall of fire then fight three gladiators in the gladiator pit then they cross the finish line!

Cheering and helping people cross the wall of fire was empowering. There were people who had been on the course for more than 7 hours crossing the finish line in tears and smiling. I thought that I would include some tips for people interested in volunteering.

  • Wear sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Bring a noise makers, kettle bell, or be prepared to clap and cheer 
  • Wear comfortable shoes (Or in my case the shoes I was racing in since they got muddy) 
  • Bring water and some food
  • Bring a good ATTITUDE! You are cheering on these people and being supportive really makes a difference in someone's race.
  • Be prepared to offer assistance, especially in an obstacle race. Sometimes people can't make it through an obstacle without a helping hand, so just being there to help when necessary is a good thing to know ahead of time
  • Have fun!
The race recap should be up sometime tomorrow! Have you every volunteered for a race? Did you like it?

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