Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our First Race Prep- Color in Motion

After we started running and working out on a regular basis the next logical step was to pick out some races to attend. So right off the bat we registered for three 5k's: Glotronika, Color in Motion, and the Hot Chocolate 5k.  Glotronika was scheduled to happen on October 26. This past weekend we got the unfortunate news that not enough people had registered and the 5k was CANCELED!

Well, we moved on and thus started to prepare for the next race, Color in Motion. Color in Motion is a fun run where the volunteers have packets of colored cornstarch and everyone throws the powder everywhere throughout the race. So this race is coming up on November 16th, so it was time to start our race day prep.

For anyone who hasn't seen/heard of a Color Run there is a rule stating that the participant must wear a white top and white pants. However, as Neon Princesses we needed some neon in our outfit. Then the idea came to mind of matching neon tutus for race day. After a quick trip to our local JoAnn's the creation of the tutus began.

So using basic neon colored tulle our race day tutus were completed.  Now all that is left to prepare in our outfits for race day are the clothes that we are running in. We didn't want to take a chance on ruining our nicer running clothes so we are planning on going to Target and getting some cheaper white running shorts for race day, and we are planning on wearing the provided race t-shirt, and old running shoes. 

Here are our completed tutus!  (FYI the glitter tulle is super messing Lindsay's boyfriend was not happy with finding glitter EVERYWHERE in their room. That's why I didn't want to make them in mine hehe --Lisa)

So good pointers that we will be following for race day include:
  • Bring a change of clothes
  • Bring a clean towel 
  • Bring wet wipes
  • Bring a bandana or something to cover your face and/or eyes during the race
These are the tips that we found and thought of. Please chime in and let us know any other tips, and your experiences with color runs. Next time we will be talking more about how we budget.

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